What are open access requirements?

Open access requirements are open access policies for publishing, sharing and reuse put in place by research grant providers or by publishers.

The number of requirements and the degree of compliance differs from one research funding agency to another. Many research funding organizations demand open access publishers to remove all access barriers. For instance, the Gates Foundation does not allow imposition of an embargo period, a temporary period of closed access after publication. Some grant providers even specify the type of creative commons attribution that authors and publishers must adhere to.

The Creative Commons Attribution (CC – BY) is what most of the grant providers encourage authors to comply with. There are organizations, such as the Wellcome Trust and the Department for International Development (DFID), that make not only open access publishing mandatory but also the underlying research data. Besides, most research funding agencies mandate full meta data provision. Furthermore, the European Commission, requires its logo/emblem to appear on all research output resulting from EU grants.